Data protection


Data Protection is a EU fundamental rights for all individuals. At Irish Immigration Advisors our core aim is to work in the best interest of our clients through the immigration process relating to Ireland. We are committed to work in favour of our clients and to protect the data that our clients have entrusted to us.

All the personal data (both verbal and written) that we obtain are with the consent of our clients. We treat all obtained data as confidential and sensitive information and it is only used solely for the purpose of immigration in agreement with the needs of our clients.

As required by the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003, Irish Immigration Advisors uphold to:

  • Obtain and process information of all clients fairly: The information we collect is confidential and will be used fairly for the purpose of immigration cases of clients and will not be disclosed to other parties
  • Keep data for one or more specified lawful purposes: The information we collect during consultation is used lawfully and only for the purpose of Irish immigration and it is processed in a compatible manner with the purpose of our client
  • Use and disclose data only in ways compatible with these purposes: As concerning immigration in Ireland, data we obtain from our clients is disclosed discretionally to immigration authorities responsible for Irish immigration in the interest of our clients and toward a successful immigration application
  • Keep data safe and secure: Information and data are kept confidential, private and secure against unauthorised access
  • Keep data accurate, complete and up-to-date: We advise clients to inform us of any change in immigration data or information that may affect their immigration case during the process of their immigration application. Data is kept accurate and complete until immigration cases are completed and closed or until a client choses to redraw their case
  • Ensure that collected data is adequate, relevant and not excessive: Data we obtain from our clients are only information that is accurately needed for the purpose of immigration needs and successful outcome
  • Retain data for no longer than is necessary for the purpose: we retain data during the application process our clients. Data are archived securely after closure of cases and retained in accordance to Data Protection Acts. Data retained are eventually destroyed
  • Give a copy of individual data on request: Our clients are the source of data we obtain. Clients are entitled to a copy of their data that we keep on request. They are entitled to know the procedure of the application written and submitted on their behalf to Irish Immigration Authorities